5 Days To Get Back On Track (and never fall off again)

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This Master Class Series Begins: MONDAY, JUNE 10th 4PM EST 


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Join this FREE 5 day expert Master Class series where you will discover the best kept secrets from Health and Fitness Coaches to help you stop getting off track and finally create that healthy balance you've been waiting for.  

I know how hard it is to stay on track. Seriously at times it seems damn near impossible to stay “on plan”.  

Back when I was competing, I struggled I was either getting ready for a show or if it wasn’t nailed down it went in my mouth!! 😣  

When my weight up I looked for another show to “save” me from my destructive behavior. To help me get back “on the wagon”  

My mindset was I hit my goal; I DESERVE to reward myself with food. 🤦🏽‍♀️  

There was a time when I sat and ate 2 pints of Dublin Mudslide (that is the sh*t) and finished it off with 2 boxes of multi grain squares (they were organic and wheat, so it made me feel better about this choice 😳) in one sitting. Not pretty!  

To my surprise I was up a whopping 20 pounds after weeks of this behavior. As I retell this story, I remember how embarrassed I was. I was so proud of myself for losing all this weight ONLY to pack in back on. I had fallen so far off the wagon I didn’t think it was possible to get back on!  

Has that ever happened to you?  

Have you ever felt like you were in a spiral that you didn’t know how to get out?  

I kept asking myself the question, why was it I was either killing myself to hit a weight or gorging myself? 😡  

Finally, was able to break from this cycle!  

Yet, I continued to hear this same story over and over again from clients and I've seen it on all the interwebs.  

Enough is enough!  

Let’s put some light on this dirty little secret.  

I invited 5 fitness and mindset pros to have an open discussion as to how can we help you break yourself of this habit of the “wagon”.  

I trust their expertise and knowledge, and I know that each and every single one of them will bring some amazing tip, hack, trick that will help you get off of this roller coaster, too.  

During the week of June 10th, I invite you to us for the 5 Days To Get Back On Track (and never fall off again) live Master Class.  

During that entire week each fitness pro will be dumping some serious knowledge bombs and giving you a daily action steps so that by the end of the week with us you will feel empowered to head into summer solidly no longer worrying about “the wagon”.  

So, will you join us?


During this live 5 Day Master Class series you will  

Teach you to stop doubting voice in your head that has been having you ask if you are doing enough....if you could ever be fit again.

Build a bulletproof mindset that helps you to keep going when you feel like your failing. 

Gain strategies to help you to stop holding yourself back by start with setting small steps that help you to build a habit.

Learn to make decisions that are sustainable supporting your long term goals and daily life.

Break from from the self-criticism and start to feel competent and in control free of judgement.  

Discover the your self worth has nothing do with how strict you are or how much the scale moves. 


Courtney Davis 

I left my big girl corporate job with no back up plan and a slew of friends, family and coworkers that thought I had lost my mind. In reality, I was just in the beginning of actually understanding my own mind and the power held in my subconscious.  

From 100 pound weight-loss goals to breaking business records, I have been given this passion so that I can invite other and walk them through their own journey. The money, the business, and the body that you want is already yours for the claiming. 

Becki Siconolfi

I am a degreed metabolic nutrition, and fitness coach, and have been coaching for the past 13 years. 

I create lifestyle eating plans for clients that result in a unique blueprint of how to lose weight and keep it off while actually improving their health. Losing weight doesn’t automatically make someone healthier, but becoming healthier usually makes weight loss a whole lot easier (and, it’s easier to keep it off, and people avoid the dreaded rebound effect).

Concita Thomas

Concita Thomas is the Food & Fitness Strategist behind ConcitaThomas.com. She is on a mission to help busy career women and female entrepreneurs look and feel fierce without making the process a second job.  

Concita combines her background in Mechanical Engineering with knowledge from her various personal training certifications to craft a methodical, effective approach to food and fitness that her clients easily implement and appreciate.  

Kyra Williams

Kyra Williams has not always been super fit. She used to be quite the opposite in fact. Through college Kyra was very unhealthy - living off of pizza and beer, and post college her weight was as high as 160+ pounds due to total inactivity.  

One day it clicked and she knew it was time to lose the weight. Since then Kyra has never looked back and has fallen so in love with all things fitness she has made it her life’s work to help others make the changes necessary in their lives to become fit, active and healthy. 

Anna Williard

I help men and women change their painful past to their peaceful powerful present through Kettlebell exercises and nutrition so they will have the strength to live a life beyond their wildest dreams!  

It is my passionate mission to guide people like you! To help you unleash your deeper strength, your incredible power and see how hope is alive in YOU!