Do You Want Off The Diet Rollercoaster?? 

I was tried of seeing women beat the shit out of themselves when they had a brownie. I was frustrated that women would make certain food groups off limits and when they got around them they would lose their shit. I was frustrated that they were using food or wine as a reward for getting their kids to bed on time.  

Ladies, you can have balance with your food and your exercise!!!

Dear Fabulous, 

I want you to meet, Liz. She's a busy working mom of 2. Last night her kids had an epic meltdown. One peed their pants at the dinner table the other was pretending to gag and then threw up dinner. She was having a is this my life moment!!!

In the past she wound have reached for the wine, the bag of goldfish and oh yeah the guilt and shame. Guilt for the "giving in" to her willpower and eating "bad" and the shame of not being a "good Mom".

Sound familiar, serioulsy, as women we all have guilt or shame about something that we should be doing. It's so easy to get caught in the cycle that we finally forget how we really want to feel and just give in to tempations and just let go! You'll get to you when the kids are grown, your business is making money or when you have more time. 

Liz came to me a frazzled and stressed wanting to get healthy again. She was tired of putting herself on the back burner. She was tired of looking in the mirror and not loving what she saw. She wanted to get her mojo back. 

Prior to coaching she was a night time eater and was struggling with the all or nothing dilemma. She was either "on a program" or completely "off" a program. She would get the kids to bed she'd look at her to do list and feel like a failure and eat or drink wine. Or she'd feel like celebrating because she got them to bed on time!! #winning

During our coaching I told her to stop being a superhero and realize that you can only do what you can do. Instead I said what if you just pick 3 things you knew you could accomplish, how would you feel? She said amazing.  

We are 4 days into our 7 day program and last night she was beaming, she was so proud that after that epic meltdown from her kids, she was content with a glass of wine. It didn't 'snowball into more food and drinking.  

You see ladies, we put so much FUCKING pressure on ourselves to be perfect to always be getting shit done. It's okay to scale back our list and just live!!!!  

It's not the constantly that will get your goals it's the consistency. Liz just needed a little support and permission to get off the diet roller coaster. 

Sound like you???

Welcome To 7 Days To Thrive

My name is Kim Jefferson and I've had the honor and pleasure of helping hundreds of women reclaim their bodies and love the skin they're in. I think you and I can agree, we all have different body shapes, different goals, and a variety of reasons why we want to be healthy and fit. WE all have our very own story. Maybe you can relate to: You want a clear plan of action that doesn't require recreating your entire life or carrying around a playbook to make sure that you are doing it right? Or maybe you want to know for sure what food and exercise is actually going to work for you. I get it... and it wasn't so long ago that I was just like you. 

I was working a 60+ hour a week job and my focus was just on survival, I put myself on the back burner, workouts what were those, eating right hmph if it didn’t come out of a vending machine or wasn't delivered I didn’t eat. 

I got married and looked at my wedding pictures with horror, I couldn’t have let myself go that bad. OMG – that was my wake up call. Seriously the happiest day of my life and I couldn’t order picutures because I thought I looked fat!! 

I realized that I couldn’t continue the way I was going. I had to start putting myself first. I started with working out, because that felt the easiest for me. I decided to workout in the AM because I knew I had to do it before the day got away from me.  

This was a game changer – before the day even got started I was doing something for ME!!! 

My new normal was having a bedtime and getting up at 5 am and heading to the gym. I found that I was less bitchy, more creative and just felt freaking amazing on the days that I worked out. 

I want you to know this is possible for you too. I am not one of those perfectionists that go all in and never look back. Believe me, I love my wine, chocolate, and sometimes even a good slice of pizza now and again. The reason I've been able to be successful at thriving in my health and fitness is due my focusing on how I wanted to feel vs working overtime counting calories, weighing food, and restricting to the point of starvation. I simply did the inner work and discovered what was best for me and my body. 

What can you expect from the 7 Days To Thrive?

A feeling of momentum. How many times have you stopped and started and never seemed to get started again. During a our time we'll map out a strategy that wil help you to keep the momentum going.  

Grounded, no longer stressed out abotut what you should or shouldn't be eating. Taking the pressue off yourself by asking yourself are you doing the best you possiblly can. Remember what it felt like to be sexy??? You know look in the mirror and actually smile and flirt with yourself?? Ladies it's possible. You can get your sexy back.  

Successful, together we'll create a roadmap of success -- once you know where to go and how to get there, success is just around the corner 

Connected to your body, in such a way that you are never seeking and you finally just know what your body needs by how it feels. 

Bliss, you know that feeling of utter contentment that you get from having that first cup of coffee, that amazing glass of Rose’ or feeling your toes in sand. 

Ladies, all of this can be yours and no it’s not to much to ask for. You will be in love with what you see in the mirror, have sanity and balance around food and know what to do when life hands you some hurdles. 

Your 7 Days To Thrive includes:

Support in a safe and compassionate environment. I get where you are coming from and help you to remove the blocks that keep you stuck in the body you don't love. 

Excitement that you are actually making progress towards your ultimate goal 

Encouragement, you will never fear or question if this will "work" because you are walking your talk and taking action!! 

You will be suprised by how much progress your mindset and body can actually change in just 7 days. 

I created the 7 Days To Thrive because I was frustrated atseeing smart savvy women like you give up on living a healthy life. 

7 Days To Thrive is not another cookie cutter program or a "diet" or a detox. 

These sessions are ALL ABOUT YOU and a creating a realistic plan.

During our time we create a customized approach based on where you are right now. I use the same approach to my lifestyle that things changed for the better. I shared this same philosophy with my clients and they thrived as well. 

Today, I do live with an ease when it comes to my health. 

🚫No hours spent meal prepping.  

🚫No perfectionism 

🚫No confusion over WTF to eat no matter the situation 

Sounds amazing, yes??? 

Your 7 Days To Thrive session includes

✔️ 7 daily calls with me -- 1 hour call to set your goals and objectives for the next 6 days and (6) 15 min accountablity/support  

✔️ Goals that you feel excited about achieving. We'll explore what's possibel for you! 

✔️ Each day you will set small goals and we'll touchbase to see how you are doing. During our accountability /support call we'll troubleshoot any areas that you feel that you are blocked, stuck and generally want to throw in the towel!!! 

✔️ After 7 days you will leave with a frame work that is easy to implement and leave you feeling amazing and confident about your body, business and life. 

We are not done … 

✔️ After your Thrive session, you’ll get (1) 15-minute tune up phone sessions with Kim. (to be used within 90 days of your session)

As your coach, I’ll give you straight talk and no gimmicks. Success is not by accident. Imagine if you gave your body what it needed and always knew what that was, like a homing pigeon. I’m looking for women who are willing to play full out and throw their excuses out the door.

I will lovingly call you on your bullshit, but have witty sense of humor that will have you laughing at yourself while setting yourself up for massive change. 

This is not for everyone - if you are looking for a quick fix I'm not your girl. I'm looking for women who are ready to work and get shit done!! 

You see, in seven days we talk a wide angle lens on your lifestyle choices and you give yourself unapologetic permission to break from perfection and be willing to go on the journey to YOU!!! 

Praise Kim is by far one of the best coaches I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She's a coach that will go above and beyond for you. She truly cares about everyone she works with and that becomes clear very quickly when you start working with her. She will hold you accountable. She believes in you when you don't believe in yourself and she will challenge and push you to help bring the best out of you. She is a coach who will put you first, genuinely care about you and your success, hold you accountable, see the ability you don't yet see in yourself, and help you become the best YOU that you can be ... I highly recommend you contact to coach Kim. I cannot say enough good things about this woman. She is truly one in a million and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to work with her. Thank you so much coach Kim. You are one AWESOME coach!! xo -- Kristy W. 

You Want In???

You deserve to live your best life. You deserve a plan that leaves you not wanting to cheat on it. A life where you aren't constantly starving or wondering if this is good or bad? On or off the diet? 

Are you ready??

This Can Be Yours! 

7 Days To Thrive sessions + 1 follow-up sessions include: 

⭐️ 2+ hours of in-depth, 1-on-1 coaching with Kim that is customized to you and your health needs. 

⭐️ A reality based healthy living plan developed by you and Kim that is unique and sustainable for you 

⭐️ A healthy living foundation –bust through any blocks that may derail you from your living your best life. A clear roadmap for what is possible for you in the next 30, 60 and 90 days 

⭐️ (1) 15 minfollow up phone calls to be used within 90 days of the 7 Days To Thrive session

You in? All this is your for only $ 97