5 Days To Mastering A Healthy Routine That Doesn't Suck 

Have you ever said if I only had a better routine for eating healthy meals, or working out consistently I would feel more confident in my body. I would finally feel like I have control around food. Man figuring out what will work for me and sticking with it. OMG! 😲  

By the end of the 5 day challenge you'll be able to create and improve your own habits so that you improve your routines and become the powerful most productive version of yourself! Quite possibly blowing your own damn mind!  

Over 5 days you'll create:  

⭐️ Simple yet powerful habits just by asking yourself a simple daily question  

⭐️ How to develop short term wins leading to lasting results  

⭐️ Creating routines that are balanced so you avoid the perfection trap  

⭐️ The power of flexibility so you don't feel tied down  

⭐️ A process of how to stick with your routine so you don't fall back into your old patterns 


100% Secure. I know sharing is caring, but not when it comes to your email address or germs. I never share either!  

Free Training Starts On Monday, April 22nd 

Your challenge host: Kim Barnes Jefferson


How the challenge will work:  

1️⃣ A daily email for 5 days that will take 15 minutes of less.  

2️⃣ Post your questions in the Reality Diet Group Live QA will be held Wednesday, April 24th and Monday, April 29th (times will be emailed)