Do You Die A Little Everytime You Squeeze Yourself Into A Pair of Spanx?

Discover a way to demystify the "how " when it comes to achieving and maintaining your health goals. Isn't it time that you gave yourself permission to shape your in life into something you truly want to live... sexy, fierce, and thriving!  

Dear Fabulous, 

I believe you deserve to feel amazing every damn day. 

➤You deserve to feel strong and confident in your body 

➤ You deserve to thrive and feel lit up from the inside out - sounds awesome right! How about it? 

Isn't it time you stopped putting yourself on hold!! You step up for your business, your family, your friends and for so many other things in your life, why not step up and claim your life? 

I got a secret to tell you -- you only have one! 

Shouldn't it be the best life possible? It's possible for you to feel deeply connected to your body and not just go through life tolerating it. 

It's possible for you to THRIVE in all areas of your life! 


Booking a vacation and instead of thinking, "I need to drop 10-15lbs" you actually can't wait to walk down the beach without the cover-up. 

You feel excited and stress free because you don't fear not having "your food" because you know you can get quality food wherever you are. 

Just think about what it would be like to not have to obsess over the hotel gym or the guilt of over doing the drinks, the apps, and the delicious desserts. 

What if vacation could actually be a true vacation filled with fun, food, and a ton of relaxation and none of the worry, self doubt, and strict rules of following a diet? 

AHHHH -- sounds amazing, right! 

Fabulously Thriving is a program I created that's about helping women like you to be and feel amazing in their bodies. I believe that anything is possible. 

You CAN experience freedom in your body and not feel like it's holding you prisoner. 

Welcome To Fabulously Thriving?

My name is Kim Jefferson and I've had the honor and pleasure of helping hundreds of women reclaim their bodies and love the skin they're in. I think you and I can agree, we all have different body shapes, different goals, and a variety of reasons why we want to be healthy and fit. WE all have our very own story. Maybe you can relate to: You want a clear plan of action that doesn't require recreating your entire life or carrying around a playbook to make sure that you are doing it right? Or maybe you want to know for sure what food and exercise is actually going to work for you. I get it... and it wasn't so long ago that I was just like you. 

I was working a 60+ hour a week job and my focus was just on survival, I put myself on the back burner, workouts what were those, eating right hmph if it didn’t come out of a vending machine or wasn't delivered I didn’t eat. 

I got married and looked at my wedding pictures with horror, I couldn’t have let myself go that bad. OMG – that was my wake up call. Seriously the happiest day of my life and I couldn’t order picutures because I thought I looked fat!! 

I realized that I couldn’t continue the way I was going. I had to start putting myself first. I started with working out, because that felt the easiest for me. I decided to workout in the AM because I knew I had to do it before the day got away from me.  

This was a game changer – before the day even got started I was doing something for ME!!! 

My new normal was having a bedtime and getting up at 5 am and heading to the gym. I found that I was less bitchy, more creative and just felt freaking amazing on the days that I worked out. 

I want you to know this is possible for you too. I am not one of those perfectionists that go all in and never look back. Believe me, I love my wine, chocolate, and sometimes even a good slice of pizza now and again. The reason I've been able to be successful at thriving in my health and fitness is due my focusing on how I wanted to feel vs working overtime counting calories, weighing food, and restricting to the point of starvation. I simply did the inner work and discovered what was best for me and my body. 

What can you expect from Thriving session?

A feeling of freedom because you are breaking away from old judgments that have held you stuck for so long you feel like you are glued in place. No more sweating your food or workout choices because just know! 

Increased self worth and the confidence that your health is a worthy investment. 

A sense of achievement that you have set your self up for success, you’ve finally achieved sustainable health for the long haul. 

Connected to your body, in such a way that you are never seeking and you finally just know what your body needs by how it feels. 

Bliss, you know that feeling of utter contentment that you get from having that first cup of coffee, that amazing glass of Rose’ or feeling your toes in sand. 

Ladies, all of this can be yours and no it’s not to much to ask for. You will be in love with what you see in the mirror, have sanity and balance around food and know what to do when life hands you some hurdles. 

Your Fabuloulsy Thriving session includes:

Be supported in a safe and compassionate environment with me, your coach, someone who truly gets what its like to feel stuck and unclear... together, we will get you to the other side of your frustration.

Be inspired to want more out of your life. To truly discover you deserve to love yourself and feel confident, sexy, and fierce in the skin you're in.

Be challenged - all with love - in order to break through whatever may be holding you back from fully embracing the body, (and the life) you deserve. 

Be empowered to never fear or question what will work for you and your body. You will walk away with your reality based healthy plan and you'll LOVE IT!

You may be thinking that this is just another one of those "diets" that start out strong but eventually end in complete failure making you second guess your willpower and self-worth. 

Let me stop you rigtht here...

I created Fabulously Thrive sessions for the complete opposite reason. I was so frustrated by what I saw and I knew that those programs left so many women seeking and broken! 

In Fabuloulsy Thriving you will not find any.... 

🚫No cookie cutter plan

🚫No diet to follow

🚫No more start and stop

Just you, me, and the true needs of your body. These sessions are ALL ABOUT YOU and a creating a realistic plan.

In all honesty, there are no quick fixes or one size fist all approaches to weight loss. 

Fabulously Thriving is different and I want you to understand that it wasn't until I took this same customized approach to my lifestyle that things changed for the better. I shared this same philosophy with my clients and they thrived as well. 

Today, I do live with an ease when it comes to my health. 

🚫No hours spent meal prepping.  

🚫No 2-hour long gym sessions.

🚫No over thinking every single thing I eat. 

Are you ready to give this opportunity to yourself as well? 

Your Fabuloulsy Thriving session includes

✔️ A 3 hour (in person or virtual) in-depth healthy living review. Kim will review the 6 areas of healthy living success (sleep, food, exercise, stress, mindset and self care) and identify one or two strategic areas to focus on so you can walk away with a clear plan. 

✔️ A reality based healthy living plan. You and Kim will work together to develop a plan that is unique and sustainable for you It’s starts with your healthy living foundation – where are you thriving now, what needs a little improvement and where do you just need a big overhaul. 

✔️ What are your goals? We work together to set goals for the next 30, 60 and 90 days that leave you feeling like you can succeed and it’s possible for you to be the women that you want to be vs. the women you think you need to be. 

✔️ We get into specifics about YOU!! We can and will troubleshoot any areas that you feel that you are blocked, stuck and generally have thrown your hands up!!! 

✔️ You will leave with a healthy living plan is easy to implement and have you feeling amazing about your body, business and life. 

We are not done … 

✔️ After your Thrive session, you’ll get (2) 30-minute tune up phone sessions with Kim. (to be used within 90 days of your session)

✔️ In just one day, you will create a powerful plan for living a healthy life that is beyond what you thought was possible for you. 

You’ll leave with the plans and tools you need to make major shifts happen immediately. 

Fabulously Thriving helps you to get your mind and your body aligned. Yes, I can help you to lose weight and get into the best shape of your life! BUT…if you are looking for a diet to lose weight fast, Fabulously Thriving is not for you. That’s because we offer REAL, HONEST, HEALTHY, LONG TERM solutions for women who want to not only lose weight and keep it off, but figure out how to live a healthy lifestyle. This is for women who are ready to bust out and live their best lives.

As your coach, I’ll give you straight talk and no gimmicks. You’ll also get the systems, tools and advice that you need to succeed. Success is not by accident. I’m looking for women who are willing to play full out and throw their excuses out the door.

I will lovingly call you on your bullshit, but have witty sense of humor that will have you laughing at yourself while setting yourself up for massive change. 

This is not for everyone - because some people aren't ready to create a plan - they want to follow someone else'e plan even if that means in 6-months they will gain the weight back or worse - add an additional 5-10lbs. 

You see, Thrive sessions are for the woman who is ready to get to the bottom of what is blocking her from loving the skin she is in and be available to live her best life yet!  


When I reached out to Kim for coaching, I already enjoyed working out and was knowledgeable about nutrition and healthy eating. It wasn’t necessarily the weight loss I was after (although which woman doesn’t want to get in better shape?). It was more about unleashing the powerful women I knew existed deep down inside of me. 

I developed a strong desire to stop playing small and really go for it, both feet in, as terrifying as that thought was. Kim helped me do just that. I was petrified after seeing her plan for me. It was nothing like anything I’ve ever done before. But I started setting goals, weekly wins, following training schedules and nutrition plans. I checked in with her each week, listened and learned. Lo and behold, I began to feel powerful. Soon my body transformed and I had a fierce attitude. The positive changes were not just physical. In fact, the most remarkable changes were mental. Kim pushed me way beyond what I thought I was capable of, and showed me what I could really do. 

She believed in me when I doubted myself and gave me a “kick in the pants” whenever I needed it, which was often. During our time together it began to click I was enough. I am enough. Kim’s coaching has changed the way I saw myself and the way I carried myself. 

It helped me to refocus my energies and complete some major goals in my life. It caused me to have more respect for my body, to fuel it properly and treat it well. I am in the best physical, mental and spiritual shape of my life. Thank you Kim for awakening the beautiful, dormant, fierce women inside of me.

Sandi L. 

Are you in or out?? 

Fabulously Thriving is all about falling in love with yourself. If you’ve done it all points, calories, steps, reps and everything under the sun. You are DONE!! You are at your wits end and not sure where to turn.

Listen up?? Are you going to keep doing what you've always done and continue to get disappointing results?

Or are you going to discover a new way - YOUR WAY - and FINALLY create your long term healthy plan? 

Everything you want is within your reach – the decision is yours. Book your Fabulously Thriving session! 

You deserve to live your best life.

Are you ready??

Special Back To School Pricing! 

Fabulously Thriving session + 2 follow-up sessions include: 

⭐️ 3+ hours of in-depth, 1-on-1 coaching with Kim that is customized to you and your health needs. 

⭐️ A comprehensive health review to identify one to two strategic areas to focus on right away for maximum results. 

⭐️ A reality based healthy living plan developed by you and Kim that is unique and sustainable for you 

⭐️ A clear and powerful healthy living plan that doesn’t leave you wanting to cheat on it or wondering WTF to eat in any situation. 

⭐️ A healthy living foundation –bust through any blocks that may derail you from your living your best life. A clear roadmap for what is possible for you in the next 30, 60 and 90 days 

⭐️ 2 follow up phone calls to be used within 90 days of the Thrive session. 

You work directly with Kim to choose a date that works best for you. 

Ready to make it happen? All this is your for only $ 497 (introductory pricing)

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