Ready To Love Your Body? 

Just like you I struggled with loving my body. There were times I would look in the mirror and pick apart what I saw and then there were times I would look in the mirror and think I had it going on. 

It wasn't until I found the secret.... the secret of focusing on building strong habits that everything shifted for me. 

The same thing shift could happen for you. 

You'll finally......

  • Accept yourself no matter what your body looks like 
  • Heal the body insecrities that have kept you tuck and wanting more 
  • Escape feeling like you will never hit your goals 
  • Stop giving a crap about how fast your progress is happening

Are Your Ready To Have 2017 End Differently?

Will this be the year that you stop counting calories, trying to outrun a bad diet or try a bunch of other things to speed up the weight loss process. Let me tell you this, you'll quickly learn that your body is not a calculator -- there is no organ that plays scorekeeper making sure that the calories you eat are added and subtracted in the right way.  

We have enough to track this holiday season calories shouldn't be one of them.  

If you've ever felt that frustration then you can relate perfectly to wanting to feel free and confident in your body.  

Just like you, I struggled with finding balance during the holidays - until I found the secret.  

When I focused on building strong habits everything shifted for me .  

I was able to wake up having the body of my dreams. No more guilt, no more deprivation and WAY more joy!!!  

I started telling my friends, family members, and clients about my results; what happened next shocked me.  

People were BEGGING me to show them how they could focus on one habit at a time and finally get into momentum. Momentum is awesome ... momentum makes you feel like what couldn't I do . . .  

Yup, I had my skeptics, but let me paint you a picture. You can stay focused on making the right choices to avoid the guilt and the shame. You can feel like you will never hit your goal, OR you can step up to the challenge. 

 . . . the SAME challenge that I'm going to give to you right now.  

The 21 Days To Body Freedom Over 21 days I will be providing you with ACCOUNTABLITY AND SUPPORT. I will be sharing with you daily tips, hacks and habits that wil help you stay on track this holiday season and beyond. Imagine being supported and knowing that someone is looking over your shoulder. You are more likely to stay on task (or is that just me).  

If you are done complaining about the woulda, coulda or shouldas. Sick of not following though. 

Keep you reading.  

Starting on December 3rd I'm your holiday partner. 

I will be helping you to cruise through the holiday season so that you can wake up on January 1st with a smile of satisfaction!! 

During our 21 days together you’ll take consistent daily action and stop: ▶️ giving a shit about the number on the scale and learn how to celebrate non scale victories ▶️ feeling like you will never hit your goal and realize that slow progress is still progress ▶️ keeping up the façade of “being it all”, “doing it all” and having it all and learning to ask for and accept help to you hit your goals ▶️ feeling like you need to watch everything you put in your mouth in order to get results and not have any fun. You’ll learn about moderation and how to fall in love with your body and your life. 


  • Daily Prompts, Trainings + Action Steps for 21 Days 
  • Private Facebook Community for Massive Accountability + Support  
  • (2) 60 min LIVE Masterclasses + Q&A Staying consistent through the holidays (12/6) Breaking free from self sabotage (12/14)  

VIP upgrade (2) laser coaching calls with Kim (20 minutes) -- value $400  

Program starts, Sunday, December 3rd 

So, now it's your turn to decide.  

Say yes, and let me prove that 21 Days to Body Freedom works. Focusing on one habit at a time and does get you into momentum. 

You've got nothing to lose by giving this a try.

If there's even a chance that this could completely change your life . . .isn't it worth checking it out?  

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