Are You Ready To Stop Hitting The Reboot Button On Your Life?


Lifestyle:45 is a ridiculously easy and effective way for you to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to create a program that was a simple and given to you in such a way that you would actually take daily action.  

I’ve heard over and over again, if I just had a plan to follow it would make it much easier. I know what to do, but I just need someone to hold me accountable.  

Sometimes I lose my motivation and don’t know how to get back on track.  

If you’ve ever uttered said, I’m so tired of starting over and over again - complicating everything I do and getting nowhere. It’s time to STOP the nonsense, I got you covered.  

Do you like to follow directions? Do you want those directions to be simple and easy? Do you want an insane about of support and accountability?  


✅ Daily (M-F) action steps to move your lifestyle forward ✅ Daily (M-F) journal prompts so you know what may be holding you back from hitting your goals ✅ Weekly themes so you know what to work on and when ✅ My personal feedback and advice on your nutrition and fitness ✅ One weekly livestreams – we’ll talk fitness, nutrition and success habits. Plus Q&A ✅ Unlimited access to me in our private Facebook group

What's It Like To Work With Me? 

I love love love your videos as they speak straight to my soul. Thank you for your amazing words that have me stopped in my tracks and thinking truly where do i want to drive my bus...i can't wait to get home tonight and re-watch this and just sit and meditate on it and put it into place/practice. #2018goals — Brooke G–  

I love my raw and real Coach of mine! I never EVER have to wonder where I stand! Matter fact, during this mornings’ workout I found myself mentally hearing Coach Kim say “prove you can” and killing my workout. – Stacy H.